Despite there being little risk of going to jail when making an appearance in family court, these matters are close to the heart and cause a whole other set of qualms to overcome when your day in court arrives. No matter the type of case that’s caused you to appear in court it is much easier to deal with the day when you know what to expect in family court seattle wa.

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Appearance is important when you go to court, so dress to impress, but always keep your look classy. The outfit that you select for court should be clean and neat and professional in appearance. Men usually wear suit or a dress shirt and pants while women wear skirts or dresses of knee length. Make sure that your clothing isn’t too tight, too short, or revealing. Shorts, hats, and sunglasses are prohibited in court.

When it is time to go before the judge, remember that you are in a professional environment and should always be on your best behavior. Be respectful to the judge and treat other members of the court with respect as well. Turn off your cell phone before you go into court and don’t bring in any unnecessary items that may distract the court processions, including newspapers, drinks, or handheld video games.

After the judge takes the bench, you should remain quiet and not carry on any type of conversation. If you absolutely must say something to another person, whisper and keep it quick. When your time to go before the judge arrives, have all of the paperwork and proofs that you need to show the judge ready. Speak clearly and answer the judge as ‘Your Honor.’ Ensure that you provide verbal responses when the judge asks you a question, and never odd or give other non-verbal cues.